Speciality Electroplating Chemicals

P&S Chemitech develops and manufactures electroplating chemicals and surface finishing specialty chemicals for decorative and functional applications across jewelry, electronics, electrical and engineering domains. 

Our electroplating chemical products are used for decorative applications in manufacturing and of jewelry, costume jewelry, fashion accessories, hollow jewelry, nickel free jewelry, watches, cutlery, electrical & electronic components, spectacle frames, writing instruments, bathroom fittings. P&S electroplating chemicals are also used for gold, silver and other precious metal coatings on electrical and electronic components and PC boards.

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P&S Chemitech

Precious Metal Electroplating Chemicals

Featured Products

Precious Metal Plating Electrolytes

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PlatinUltra© Platinum Electrolyte

World's brightest whitest Platinum Plating Solution

P&S Silver Plating PS11

Mirror Bright Silver Plating

Geeform Gold Electrolytes

High performance electrolytes for gold Electroforming


Pure Gold Plating Electrolyte for Semiconductors