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P&S Black Ruthenium Plating Solution

Ruthenium Plating Solution to give consistent black finish

pic - Ru element.png


P&S Black Ruthenium electrolyte is used a top coat for a consistent uniform black finish. Acidic bath which is easy to operate and has good resistance to abrasion. Black Ruthenium bath is used as a top coat for final finish usually on top of a gold layer. 

Unique Advantages

  • Perfect for black finish 

  • Good colour consistency 

  • Reach compliant 

  • Degree of blackness can be adjusted from grey to anthracite 

  • Simple bath maintenance

  • Long life of bath 

  • Good abrasion resistant finish 

  • Good corrosion resistance

  • Econonomical precious metal coating 


  • Decorative – Jewelry as a top coat

  • Costume Jewellery

  • Watches

  • Spectacle Frames 

  • Accessories 

  • Bathroom fittings 

  • Furnishings 

  • Car Interiors

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pic - black Ru amazon.jpg
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