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P&S Gold Plating Electrolytes

P&S Chemitech specialises in gold electroplating for decorative and technical applications. Geeform Series offers electrolytes for building stress free deposits 100s of microns thick, Geeclad Series offers gold plating baths that deposit upto 10 microns, Geeflash Series offers flash gold plating electrolytes and Geestrike Series electrolytes that allow gold layers to deposit on passive substrates.

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Geeform Series
24Kt Gold Electroforming

Bright, Semi-bright and matte Hard and soft gold deposits upto 500 microns!

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Geeclad EL
Gold Plating for Electronic Applications

Gold Plating electrolytes for PCBoards and other technical applications

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Geeform Series
22Kt, 18K, 14Kt Gold Electroforming

Bright ductile 9Kt, 14Kt, 18Kt, 21Kt and 22Kt gold alloy deposits upto 500 microns 

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Geeflash Series
Gold Flash Plating

Gold layer upto 0.2 microns as top coat of different colours for jewelry and decorative applications 

Geeclad Decorative
Micron Gold Plating 

Micron gold plating baths for upto 10 microns of different NIHS gold colours 

Gold Cutlery
Geestrike Series
Gold Strike Plating

Electrolytes for plating adhesive layer of gold on passive surfaces such as Stainless Steel and Nickel

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