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PlatinUltra© Series – Brilliant White Platinum Plating
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Platinum Plating and Electroforming Solution to give brilliant white finish

A suitable Replacement for Rhodium with L*ab value of 90+


Brilliant white platinum plating with PlatinUltra plating Solution. Acidic platinum PatinUltra produces uniform bright and excellent white platinum up to a thickness of 100 microns. This latest development from P&S Chemitech gives a consistent stable whiteness over high thickness. Its extraordinary white range extends for a wide range of current densities and operating voltage. The brilliant white serves as an excellent replacement for Rhodium!!! 

Unique Advantages

  • Platinum purity >99.97%

  •  L-value: 90+ 

  • Mirror bright white finish 

  • Resembles Rhodium Finish

  • RoHS compliant 

  • Economical

  • Can re-plate unlike Rhodium plating 

  • Highly tarnish Resistant 

  • Easy to operate

  • Applied as Dip or Pen Plating

  • Good throwing power

  • Wide range of operating current densities

  • Thickness: >100 microns

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  • Platinum Jewelry

  • Gold and Silver and diamond Jewellery

  • High end fashion accessories avoiding white bronze for Nickel free finish

  • Platinum Electroforming

  • Technical applications as an undercoat 

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