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P&S Anti Tarnish AIO

Long lasting protection from tarnishing of silver 


P&S Anti Tarnish AIO is a very effective protection for precious metals especially Silver and copper. The nanocoating on the silver prevents it from tarnishing and discolouration. The coating is eco-friendly and biologically harmless.

Unique Advantages

  • Simple Dip Process 

  • Long Lasting protection

  • Electrical conductivity remains same after coating

  • High turnover of products 

  • Eco-friendly

pic - silver anti tarnish comparison.jpg
pic - bright ganesha contrast.png


  • Silver Jewellery, Articles

  • Gold Jewellery and articles 

  • Silver plated Electrical connectors and contacts

  • Copper Connectors and contacts

  • Fashion Accessories 

  • Costume Jewellery

pic - anti tarnish copper
pic - silver anti tarnish -
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