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Precious Metal Electroforming 

Gold, Silver and Platinum Electroforming Technology & Consulting 

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Electroforming is the process of depositing a thick layer of metal (upto 500 microns or 0.5 mm) over a ‘master’ blueprint object and then removing the ‘master’ through mechanical and chemical means. The illustration above explains the process. The resultant metal layer - forms a hollow object taking the exact replica of the original ‘master blueprint’ and having excellent strength and rigidity. This manufacturing technique is used to make replicas of very complicated hollow shapes and designs which are difficult to make using conventional manufacturing techniques such as sheet metal stamping or casting

P&S offers turnkey technology solutions for installation and commissioning of electroforming projects and supply required Electroforming electrolytes and chemicals. 


Gold Electroforming – Geeform© Series

Platinum Electroforming – Platone© Series 

Silver Electroforming – Silver Series

Gold Electroforming – 24Kt, 22Kt, 18Kt, 14Kt, 9Kt Gold

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Gold Electroforming is gaining importance in light weight jewellery manufacturing due to the fluctuating high prices of gold. This warrants the need for light weight products which are the same shape, size and similar features as products made through stamping or casting but lighter in weight.


·      3X lighter than stamping 

·      6X lighter than casting

·      Finger Rings, Pendants, Ear Rings 

·      Beads & charms 

If you’re interested in Geeform Series gold electroforming products or technology services, please contact us

Revolutionary Platinum electroforming process which gives a mirror bright highly workable and ductile deposit of platinum (>99.9% purity). 


·      World’s first Platinum Electroformed Process which works at high thickness!!!

·      Mirror bright high L-value whiteness

·      Stress free Deposit upto 150 microns 

·      Electroformed Product very ductile and tough & highly workable


Suitable Applications

·      Jewelry

·      Watch Cases 

·      Specialised components

If you’re interested in Platone Series platinum electroforming products or technology services, please contact us!

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Silver Electroforming  PS11

pic - bright silver rhino octavio.png

Exceptionally bright silver electroforming process which ultra white silver depositions upto a thickness of 1000 microns! 


·      Mirror bright stress free deposit 

·      No toxic metals 

·      Organic brightener system 

·      Downstream Weldability 

·      Achieve high thickness deposit upto 1000 microns 


Suitable Applications

·      Jewelry

·      Articles and figurines

·      Specialised components 

If you’re interested in Silver Series silver electroforming products or technology services, please contact us!

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