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P&S Black Rhodium

Electrolyte to give ultra black rhodium finish

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P&S Black Rhodium Plating electrolyte is an acidic electrolyte which gives a uniform bright black deposit of rhodium. The hard deposit has excellent wear and corossion resistance and is used as a top coat for various decorative and functional applications such as studded and fine jewellery.

Electrolyte features

Acidic Electrolyte
Rhodium 2 grams per litre
Excellent coverage

Deposit features

High bright and white deposit
High hardness
High reflectivity
Excellent wear resistance
Excellent corrosion resistance

pic - au element 1_edited.png

Black Rhodium has a bright black finish with high wear resistance and hard deposit


Decorative applications
Fine Jewellery
Costume Jewellery
Watch Parts
Fashion Accessories
Studded jewellery

pic - au element 1_edited.png
Black Rhodium, bright black finish, top coat
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