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P&S Bronze Tec

Electrolyte to give tin-copper alloy deposit

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P&S Bronze Tec is an alkaline electrolyte which gives a bright stress free deposit of copper-tin alloy. The electrolyte can producedeposit thickness of upto 300 microns and has excellent throwing power. This is applicable for functional coatings to satisfy specific deposit characteristics.

Electrolyte features

Alkaline pH
Excellent throwing power
Stable electrolyte

Deposit features

Bright deposit
Stress free deposit for upto 300 microns

pic - au element 1_edited.png

Stress free high thickness of copper tin alloy


Technical applications

pic - au element 1_edited.png
Copper tin alloy, alloy plating, high thickness, functional coating, bronze coating, electroforming, wear resistance, tribology
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