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P&S Palladium Flash

Electrolyte to deposit bright white palladium flash deposit

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P&S Palladium Flash is a mildly alkaline pH electrolyte which produces bright white palladium finish upto 0.2 microns. This electrolyte is used as a top coat or barrier layer due to its non porous deposit suitable for decorative and functional applications.

Electrolyte features

Alkaline Electrolyte
Palladium 1 g per litre

Deposit features

White bright finish
Thickness upto 0.2 micron
Non porous deposit
Barrier coating
Top/under coat

pic - au element 1_edited.png

Palladium finish has good bright white finish and used as a barrier coat


Decorative applications
Fine Jewellery
Costume Jewellery

pic - au element 1_edited.png
White Palladium, flash plating, barrier coating, non porous deposit, undercoat, bright white finish
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