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P&S Palladium Nickel PN8020

Electrolyte to produce palladium-nickel alloy (80% Palladium) as a barrier or top coat

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P&S Palladium Nickel PN8020 is a mildly alkaline electrolyte which produces palladium nickel alloy with 80% Palladium. The deposit obtained is ductile yet hard and gives a white bright finish upto 10 microns. It also has high corrosion resistance. The electrolyte is suitable for decorative and functional applications as a top coat or undercoat for watch parts and fashion accesories.

Electrolyte features

Mildly alkaline electrolyte
Good bath turnover
Easy to operate

Deposit features

White bright deposit
Thickness upto 10 microns
Ductile yet hard deposit
Top Coat/Undercoat
High corrosion resistance

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PN8020 electrolyte gives improved corrosion resistant deposits


Decorative applications
Fine Jewellery
Costume Jewellery
Watch Parts
Fashion Accessories

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Palladium Nickel alloy plating, 80% Palladium, micron plating, top coat, undercoat, watch components plating
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