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P&S Palladure 100

Electrolyte to deposit bright white palladium deposit

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P&S Palladure 100 is a neutral pH palladium electrolyte which produces bright white non porous deposit upto 5 microns. This electrolyte is used as a barrier coating as well as a top coat or an undercoat due to low porosity deposit and bright white finish. Palladure 100 is suitable for decorative and functional applications such as Nickel free jewellery and fashion accesories

Electrolyte features

Neutral Electrolyte
Palladium 2-5 g per litre

Deposit features

White bright finish
Thickness upto 5 micron
Non porous deposit
Barrier coating
Top/under coat

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Palladium finish has good bright white finish and used as a barrier coat


Decorative applications
Fine Jewellery
Costume Jewellery

pic - au element 1_edited.png
White Palladium, micron plating, barrier coating, non porous deposit, undercoat, bright white finish
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