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P&S Silbrite CF

Bright and semi-bright non-cyanide silver plating electrolyte

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P&S Silbrite CF is a silver electrolyte which produces bright silver finish for upto 5 microns thickness. The electrolyte is completely cyanide free and is slightly alkaline operating at room temperature. The deposit has good hardness and is stress free. This electrolyte is suitable for both functional and decorative applications.

Electrolyte features

Slightly Alkaline electrolyte
Cyanide free
Good throwing power

Deposit features

Bright finish
Good hardness
Deposit upto 5 microns

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Cyanide free silver plating


Decorative and functional applications
Costume jewellery
Fashion accessories
Spectacle frames
Technical coatings

pic - au element 1_edited.png
Silver plating, cyanide free plating
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