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P&S Superbrite Silver EF

Electrolyte with Metallic brightener system for bright silver electroforming

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P&S Superbrite Silver EF is a silver electrolyte which produces mirror bright white silver finish for upto 500 microns thickness. The electrolyte is with metallic brightener system and silver deposits are stress free, ductile and solder friendly. This electrolyte is suitable for manufacture of silver artefacts, figurines and hollow jewellery.

Electrolyte features

Alkaline electrolyte
High turnover
Low maintenance
High Speed

Deposit features

White mirror bright finish
Good hardness
Good wear ressistance
Deposit upto 500 microns
Excellent solderability
Good ductility

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Mirror bright finish for high thickness


Decorative applications
Hollow jewellery

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Silver thick plating, silver electroforming, silver brighteners, hollow jewellery
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