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P&S Platinultra Platinum Plating Solution

Platinum acidic electrolyte giving ultra white platinum finish

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P&S Platinultra is a platinum electrolyte which produces mirror bright high whiteness deposit. The electrolyte has an acidic pH and operates with 2grams per litre Platinum. With excellent throwing power and reflectivity Platinultra can be used for upto 1 micron thickness as a top coat or an undercoat for decorative and functional coating applications. When used in combination with Rhodium, the whiteness and shine is even more prominent. Platinultra is available as dip and pen plating solutions.

Electrolyte features

Stable Electrolyte
Platinum 2g per litre
Good throwing power

Deposit features

White bright finish
L*ab : 89+
Good reflectivity
Thickness upto 1 micron
Top coat or undercoat

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Platinum Finish excellent whiteness comparable to rhodium


Decorative applications
Fine Jewellery
Costume Jewellery

pic - au element 1_edited.png
Ultra white, Platinum Plating, Rhodium replacement,
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