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Hard Chrome Plating : Introduction


Hard chrome plating provides a shiny, hard and anti-corrosive surface on existing metals. It is used in both industrial and decorative applications due to its abrasion resistance and other unique properties. From corrosion protection to resistance to sliding wear or abrasion, hard chrome plating is a favored option for appearance and strength. However, modern metallurgical science has provided thermal spray coating options with many similar wear and resistance qualities. The use of hard chrome plating is heavily regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States because it is a known carcinogenic process. This means increased protective measures — and costs — now follow the use of the material.

However, an alternative process has to offer the same wear resistance and corrosion protection properties associcated with Cr(VI) coatings.

Issues with Hard Chrome Plating


•    Hexavalent chromium mist is carcinogenic
•    Hexavalent Chromium Hazardous air pollutant
•    Corrosion resistance of thick coatings is poor
•    Waste Disposal issues
•    Chemical Handling is challenging

Alternatives to Hard Chrome Plating 

•    Thermal Spray Coatings: Tungsten Carbide- Cobalt Chromium (WC-CoCr) and tungsten carbide - Nickel chromium (WC-NiCr)
•    High Velocity Oxy-fuel (HVOF) thermal spray
•    Zinc-Nickel Plating
•    Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)


Duratech is offered in India as a partnership between P&S Chemitech and Technic Inc. USA

DURATECH a chrome free formulation which produces high abrasion resistance and low stress deposit. The electrolyte produces bright appearance (not as bright as chromium), a user friendly process with no special change to plating sequence and the deposit ratio Nickel-Tungsten is 65-35 with hardness 550HV as plated. This electrolyte has diverse applications such as automotive and mechanical components, hydraulic and pneumatic piston rods and cylinders, mining equipment.

Why DURATECH & here's what we offer ?

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