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Applications of Electroforming - Electronics / semiconductor


Semiconductor  manufacturers have faced the pressure to make components increasingly smaller, durable, and powerful — while maintaining cost-efficient and sustainable production. And all has to happen at a fast pace: short lead time is essential to bring latest innovations to the market first — a crucial aspect if a company wants to become or remain a market leader.

Electronics and Semiconductor Industry

Electroforming is the future-proof solution for the Electronics and Semiconductor industry. By its ability to produce very fine curved shapes it surpasses conventional technologies like stamping and punching. Radii as small as 30 microns can be made in relatively thick (30-100 micron) [AB1] material essential for gold plating, bonding, solderability, pc boards, electronics. With Electroforming, it is possible to make very slim designs with high aspect ratios. This means that very small products can be made without compromising on reliability. Aspect ratios achieved with electroforming are up to 3 times higher than with conventional stamping or punching.

 [AB1]Link to Geeclad EL-T  (soft gold deposit) gold plating, bonding, solderability, pc boards, electronics &

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