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Nickel Tungsten alloy plating process for hard chrome direct replacement for automotive and mechanical components

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Duratech is a chrome free formulation which produces high abrasion resistance and low stress deposit. The electrolyte produces bright appearance (not as bright as chromium), a user friendly process with no special change to plating sequence and the deposit ratio Nickel-Tungsten is 65-35 with hardness 550HV as plated. This electrolyte has diverse applications such as automotive and mechanical components, hydraulic and pneumatic piston rods and cylinders, mining equipment.</p>

Electrolyte features

•User friendliness
•Cr free formulation
•Wide operating window
•Stable alloy composition
•Easy to analyze and control bath
•Easy to integrate to existing system
•DC Plating; No special rectifier required
•Suitable for rack, barrel and high speed reel to reel plating applications
•Direct Replacement for hard chrome plating in existing plating line/setup

Deposit features

•Low Ra value
•Non magnetic
•Good ductility
•Solderable deposit
•High corrosion resistance
•Low coefficient of friction
•Direct replacement for hard chrome
•Low stress deposit (10K psi vs 100K psi for hard Cr)
•High abrasion resistance compared to hexavalent chrome at higher temperatures

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•More ductility
•Good Solderability
•Non magnetic
•Higher abrasion resistance
•Higher corrosion resistance
•Drop in replacement for hard chrome plating solutions in existing lines


•Bearing and Seal Surfaces
•Sliding components
•Press Tools and Punches
•Print Cylinders and Plates
•Food Machinery
•Textile Components
•Mining Equipment
•Valves, Gates and Bodies
•Pumps Shafts and Rotors
•Automotive and Mechanical components
•Timber and Paper Processing Equipment
•Hydraulic and Pneumatic Piston Rods and Cylinders
•Plastic and Rubber Rolls, Moulds, Dies, Screws

pic - au element 1_edited.png
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