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Geeclad CFS

Electrolyte to give high karat gold palladium copper alloy with champagne pink colour

pic - au element 1.png

Geeclad CFS is a gold palladium electrolyte which produces 22-23 karat bright pink deposit. This electrolyte is able to give consistent uniform deposit upto 5 microns and has excellent throwing power. This electrolyte is eco friendly and is used as a top coat in fashion accesories such as spectacle frames. It has applications in writing instruments and costume jewellery for producing a unique bright pink gold deposit which is also tarnish resistant.

Electrolyte features

Stable sulphite electrolyte
Neutral pH
Good throwing power

Deposit features

Bright deposit upto 5 microns
Champagne pink
Excellent wear resistance
Excellent corrosion resistance

pic - au element 1_edited.png

Unique gold palladium pink gold giving high karat
Eco friendly neutral bath


Top coat for costume jewelry
Writing Instruments
Fashion Accessories

pic - au element 1_edited.png
22-23 carat plating, pink gold plating, spectacle frames, micron plating, champagne pink
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