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Geeflash Eco 24Kt

Electrolyte for flash gold plating

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Geeflash Eco 24Kt is a gold electrolyte which produces flash deposits upto 0.2 microns thickness. The electrolyte has a neutral pH with no cyanide and operates at low gold concentrations. The electrolyte is Reach compliant. The deposit has a rich yellow colour with good wear resistance making it suitable as a top coat for several decorative applications such as watches, jewellery, fashion accesories, trophies and artefacts.

Electrolyte features

Neutral pH
No cyanide
Low gold concentration
REACH compliant

Deposit features

Rich yellow colour
Top coat
Upto 0.2 microns
Nickel and Cobalt free
Good wear resistance

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Low gold concentration and completely cyanide free


Decorative applications
Fashion accessories
Costume Jewellery

pic - au element 1_edited.png
eco friendy, cyanide free, gold flash plating, 24Kt flash, 0.2 microns, top coat
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