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Geeform 18Kt INU

Electrolyte for high thickness electroforming of 18 carat gold for decorative applications for making hollow jewellery.

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Geeform 18Kt INU is a gold copper electrolyte which produces 18 carat bright and stress free deposit. The electrolyte is able to provide excellent carat control and is able to provide rich pinkish yellow 18Kt deposit with very good precision. The gold copper alloy deposit achieves 75.5% gold fineness and is completely cadmium free and hallmarkable. This electrolyte is able to give consistent stress free deep pink deposit upto 300 microns with bright finish and smooth deposit. This electrolyte has diverse applications in high thickness deposits for decorative applications such as making low cost light weight hollow plain and diamond studded jewellery such as pendants, ear rings, bangles, beads, charms and finger rings. The product is part of the Geeform Series

Electrolyte features

Stable Electrolyte
Alkaline pH
High Metal Turnover
Resistant to impurities

Deposit features

Pinkish yellow bright finish
18Kt hallmarkable gold
Gold copper alloy
Stress free deposit
Excellent ductility
Flame Solder friendly
Thickness upto 300 microns

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Solder friendly (flame and laser)
Very ductile deposit
Very versatile deposit suitable for downstream assembly operations


Jewellery 18Kt electroforming
High thickness hollow jewellery 18Kt
Plain and studded jewellery, ear rings, bangles, beads, charms, pendants and fashion accessories

pic - au element 1_edited.png
18 carat gold, electroforming, light weight jewellery, diamond jewellery, hollow jewellery, hallmarkable jewellery
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