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Geeform 2024C

Electrolyte for high thickness electroforming of 24 carat gold for decorative applications and functional applications.

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Geeform2024C is a 24 carat gold electrolyte which produces 24 carat bright and stress free deposit. The electrolyte is free of free cyanide with a neutral pH. The deposit is 99.9+% pure soft gold with ability to deposit upto 500 microns in bright or semi bright finish. This electrolyte has diverse applications in high thickness deposits for decorative applications

Electrolyte features

Stable Electrolyte
Neutral pH
High Turnover

Deposit features

Yellow bright and semi bright finish
99.9% gold
24 carat gold
Stress free deposit
Solder friendly
Thickness upto 500 microns

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Solder friendly
Can be used as a good top coat


Jewellery 24Kt electroforming
High thickness hollow jewellery
Figurines, Statues, temple artefacts

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