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Geeform 2024S

Cyanide free electrolyte for high thickness electroforming of 24 carat gold for decorative and functionbal applications

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Geeform 2024S is a cyanide free gold sulphite electrolyte which produces exceptional brightness and stress free deposit. The electrolyte is eco friendly with a neutral pH and does not contain any toxic metals. The deposit is 99.99+% pure gold with ability to deposit upto 500 microns. This electrolyte is versatile and has diverse decorative and functional applications.

Electrolyte features

Stable Electrolyte
Neutral pH
High Turnover
Eco friendly
Ammonia free

Deposit features

Yellow bright finish
99.99% gold
24 carat gold
Stress free deposit
Thickness upto 500 microns

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Reach compliant
No toxic metals
Neutral pH doesn’t attack resists or substrates
Ammonia free bath
Can operate at wide range of current densities


Semiconductor wafer plating
Jewellery 24Kt electroforming
High thickness hollow jewellery

pic - au element 1_edited.png
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