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Geeloy 18Kt Yellow

Electrolyte to give 18 karat bright yellow gold deposit

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Geeloy 18Kt Yellow is a gold copper electrolyte which produces 18 karat bright yellow deposit. This electrolyte is able to give consistent uniform deposit more than 10 microns and has excellent throwing power. It has good tarnish resistance and is used as a top thick coat in fashion accesories and jewellery as decorative top coat.

Electrolyte features

Stable electrolyte
Alkaline pH
Good throwing power
High turnover

Deposit features

Bright yellow deposit for 10+ microns
Consistent karatage
Excellent wear resistance
Excellent corrosion resistance

pic - au element 1_edited.png

Bright yellow 18 carat finish


Top coat for costume jewelry
Writing Instruments
Fashion Accessories

pic - au element 1_edited.png
18 carat plating, yellow gold plating, jewellery, watches, micron plating , 18 carat yellow gold
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