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Duratech is offered in India as a partnership between P&S Chemitech and Technic Inc. USA"

DURATECH : Nickel Tungsten Alloy Electrolyte

DURATECH a chrome free formulation which produces high abrasion resistance and low stress deposit. The electrolyte produces bright appearance (not as bright as chromium), a user friendly process with no special change to plating sequence and the deposit ratio Nickel-Tungsten is 65-35 with hardness 550HV as plated. This electrolyte has diverse applications such as automotive and mechanical components, hydraulic and pneumatic piston rods and cylinders, mining equipment.

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Why DURATECH & What we offer ?


  • Direct Replacement for hard chrome

  • No Special change to plating process sequence

  • User Friendly Process

  • Nickel-Tungsten alloy (65-35) ratio

  • Hardness: 550HV as plated; 900+ annealed

  • High Abrasion Resistance Low stress Deposit

  • Appearance: bright; not as bright as Chromium

Pic - EP - Cr free - pistons - M.png

Nickel Tungsten alloy plating process for hard chrome direct replacement.

Electrolyte Feature Direct Replacement for hard chrome plating in existing plating line/setup

Deposit Feature Low stress deposit (10K psi vs 100K psi for Hard Chromium)

Application Feature: Automotive and mechanical components

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